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SHORT or LONG? The Sale of Google?

In The Big Picture, The Venture Front on July 17, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Well for “Your Google Food’s” sake… we would hope we’re in for the Long Haul. However, from my ignorant and uninformed perspective, seems like once a company build’s it’s Brand on a technological breakthrough, it is not long after (few years) that technology becomes public domain, allowing many other brands to duplicate the once exclusive technological advantage. If that company can’t find a way to be a continual TOP consumer “Pain Relief,” then our real world consumerism wants to seek out new frontiers… likely leaving the Brand in it’s dust =( … As I have long sensed… there exists a challenge to cement these virtual world innovations into the “brick & morter” real world…. much like I have designed into my mcgyver.com / Workforce Creative concept… Stay tuned =)..   See Tech Crunch Guest Post by Mr. Peter Sims below:


The NYC INVESTOR Front on Career/Purpose

In The Big Picture, The Venture Front on April 5, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Ok, maybe it’s being the financial center of America that lends to the attitude the NYC people, often perceived as aggressive, outspoken or overly assertive? But with this competitive attitude, I think, on the most part, they do tend to push the envelope in progressive thought… something that goes well with the investment world.

Charlie O'Donnell

Getting on with it… This article on Charlie O’Donnell’s fundraising efforts speaks Loudly to me as I have nurtured (10 years) a concept along the lines of career and purpose development as a solution to what I also have found as shortcomings within the recruitment and staffing world. At the time of this post dated reading, I am needing to re-emerge into this investment arena, and find the timing couldn’t be better considering the attention given our current staggering unemployment across the US.  Better late than never, and truthfully, it inspires me more to hear someone else having beat the pulpit with a huge societal need. Read this… and stay tuned to my solution – WFc.


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