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TV Broadcasting without Twitter? … Maybe Not, as ironed out by the infamous Jeff Bullas.
Click this [TV] image for the full article.


WHAT Happened to… “If it’s Not broke Don’t fix it?”

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Prepare Yourselves:

Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed 


Read this editorial by Mr. Ben Parr…. I guess we’re all supposed to adapt and change as quickly as technology?  Ok, welcome to the relevant fashionista everything world, or just go home a lost and forgotten soul =P. CLick on image below:


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15 Tips for Selling on Facebook

Mr. Bullas informs us again in an easy 15 Step process … check it it is Worrthy!

How to Create a Social Media (Facebook) Marketing Strategy for a Non Profit

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Facebook Overtakes Google

(Excerpt by Mr. Jeff Bullas)

Last year Facebook surpassed Google for the top ranking for total time spent online.

Google is even being forced to continually adjust its search engine algorithms to cater for the social web that provides more prominence for social channels in its search results.

Facebook has also become the 3rd largest video website with 46.6 million viewers sitting behind number one ranked video content property provider Google with its YouTube site and Yahoo at second ranking.

Google has taken the threat so seriously that it has recently launched its own social network Google+ that has been 12 months in the planning.

A recent report from eMarketer has revealed that more than 90% of all social media marketing was conducted on Facebook and the majority of respondents rated Facebook’s marketing excellent or good.

The growth of the social web is both an opportunity and a challenge to how non profits plan and implement marketing and engage with their target audience(s) to further enhance their traditional marketing strategies.

5X TOOL TIME Success?

In Analytics, Social Media, The Big Picture on July 28, 2011 at 2:04 am

By Jeff Bullas

These are some pretty damn good basics that everybody should know about … or make an attempt to know .. especially if you’d like to be or become a relevant somebody inside this social media craze … or at least you’ll understand how to contract this out ;-P

5 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success


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Google+ “Hangouts”  By Tommy Walker  

What Mashable says:    Hangouts is one of the . . .  


Maybe it should Be Google Minus (Google -) ??

In Social Media on July 7, 2011 at 9:48 pm

Google Plus (Google+):  The Painful Realization?

by Jeff Gibbard      More Commentary on the demise of Google in light of Facebook.

Is this the END of an ERA?

In Social Media, The Big Picture, TREND Sites on July 7, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Why Google+ Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Facebook by Tommy Walker on Social Media Today

Some Serious Wake Up Call … Seriously! 

TEN (10) FB STRATEGIES? Love it, Leave it, or LIKE it!

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Everybody LIKE’s a step by step How-To count down…. Try this for Stepping up your Facebook?

by Dave Kerpen

10 Proven Strategies for Greater Likability on Facebook  [CLICK ON Title Link OR Image to Redirect to Article]

WHO MOVED YOUR CHEESE? Your Google Food Inside Facebook.

In Social Media, The Big Picture, TREND Sites on May 3, 2011 at 2:55 am

HOW TO: Design & Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

With 600M+ Users … is this the New Virtual World inside the Virtual World? Let me know where Your Cheese can be found … Big Chance you might find Your Google Food is looking more like Your Facebook Food?

Click an image below and get some design details =)

By Jonathan Goldford

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