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SHORT or LONG? The Sale of Google?

In The Big Picture, The Venture Front on July 17, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Well for “Your Google Food’s” sake… we would hope we’re in for the Long Haul. However, from my ignorant and uninformed perspective, seems like once a company build’s it’s Brand on a technological breakthrough, it is not long after (few years) that technology becomes public domain, allowing many other brands to duplicate the once exclusive technological advantage. If that company can’t find a way to be a continual TOP consumer “Pain Relief,” then our real world consumerism wants to seek out new frontiers… likely leaving the Brand in it’s dust =( … As I have long sensed… there exists a challenge to cement these virtual world innovations into the “brick & morter” real world…. much like I have designed into my mcgyver.com / Workforce Creative concept… Stay tuned =)..   See Tech Crunch Guest Post by Mr. Peter Sims below:

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