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TV Broadcasting without Twitter? … Maybe Not, as ironed out by the infamous Jeff Bullas.
Click this [TV] image for the full article.


How to Create a Social Media (Facebook) Marketing Strategy for a Non Profit

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Facebook Overtakes Google

(Excerpt by Mr. Jeff Bullas)

Last year Facebook surpassed Google for the top ranking for total time spent online.

Google is even being forced to continually adjust its search engine algorithms to cater for the social web that provides more prominence for social channels in its search results.

Facebook has also become the 3rd largest video website with 46.6 million viewers sitting behind number one ranked video content property provider Google with its YouTube site and Yahoo at second ranking.

Google has taken the threat so seriously that it has recently launched its own social network Google+ that has been 12 months in the planning.

A recent report from eMarketer has revealed that more than 90% of all social media marketing was conducted on Facebook and the majority of respondents rated Facebook’s marketing excellent or good.

The growth of the social web is both an opportunity and a challenge to how non profits plan and implement marketing and engage with their target audience(s) to further enhance their traditional marketing strategies.


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Google+ “Hangouts”  By Tommy Walker  

What Mashable says:    Hangouts is one of the . . .  


$$$ Money Making For Your Google Food

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Ok, this is a great new site… that makes ALOT of sense and has ALOT to do with the value of “YOUR GOOGLE FOOD.”

“Mo’ Money
Getting Paid for Your Viral Video”

Read more:(Click on images here)

Guerrilla Videos to Die For?

In Social Media on October 6, 2010 at 8:11 pm

Check this awesome Mashable article:

“10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns [VIDEOS]” by Amy-Mae Elliot … and see a sample of guerilla video budget compaigns!

Integrate VodPod What?

In Social Media on July 3, 2010 at 10:27 pm

Ok, for those interested in integrating video content into your wordpress blog ? here is a new update on the technology …. starting to feel like all these technologies are converging?? Food for thought! (click image below)

YES! Skype “oofatguy” NOW ….

In Social Media on March 27, 2010 at 11:23 pm

… and get on board. Here are some REAL BASICS from one of my twitter followers on using your webcam… sorry for Any Non-Beginners, but some people including U had to start somewhere.  If your that advanced then Just skype me at address ID above and tell it to my face =P



Click the twitter bird to see full story!

Kids will be kids… The Demand For Accountability?

In Social Media on March 21, 2010 at 10:37 pm

Reigning in the OPT-IN of Social Media …

As great as social media has been for many of us amateurs in the business world, we can see where some of this is headed as a nurturing ground for our kids … As our society’s ultimate creative, children and teens are breaking old rules with new tech loopholes. Read this article (Click the “Advocate” logo) and if your creative enough maybe you can see some oncoming trends?

Educators grapple with social media

  • When Social Media Intrudes
  • Making Policies


Digital Storytelling …

In Social Media on March 19, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Here is what the kids of today are up to …

More kids today will be comfortable with personal transparency as many are growing up with the technology in their hands with plenty of time to experiment…. hopefully more adults find time to use the technology for themselves (I’m especially talking video) so that they can constructively coach their kids.

Gives Voice to the Youth

Digital Storytelling Gives Voice To Youths



Hello Google World!

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mcGyver Represents


Hello World! Welcome to “Google Digest” the catch-all for anything and everything we can possible find or you can help publish or refer to us for publishing in regards to “Personal Brand Development” … the name of the game in our NOW future 21st century work and business environment.

CHECK OUT this recent confirming audio sound-bite broadcast on KCBS All News 740 AM &106.9FM
www.kcbs.com in March of this year (2010).

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